About Us

At Aqubit, our projects are implemented following standard methodologies in the IT sector. Our management is based on the international standard PMI PMBoK®, and ajusted according to the customer requirements .

Our methodology


An effective project management allow us:

  • Detailed control over primary project constraints like scope, time, and budget
  • Risk assessment and risk prioritization, in order to minimize the negative impacts on your projects and to maximize the positive impact of opportunities
  • Increase productivity by using best practices
  • Adequate control of changes throughout the project life cycle


Our projects are developed by iterations. From the beginning, our goal is to build robust architectures that meet the non-functional requirements of our customers. In each iteration, we make partial deliveries that reduce the uncertainty of our customers, and allows us to mitigate risks at early stages of the project.



AQUBIT is one of the best software companies we have ever known. They have the experience to implement and design complex solutions in frameworks that markets demands.